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In preparation for the AGM, members-in-good-standing are requested to make their nominations for non-executive directors to the Board of the Compliance Institute SA.


We hereby give notice in terms of par 7.4.4. of the Memorandum of Incorporation for a call for nominations of non-executive directors to the Board of the Compliance Institute Southern Africa.

In terms of the Memorandum of Incorporation, only fully paid-up members may:

  • Nominate candidates of their choice;
  • Nominate either other members or non-members of the Institute;
  • Not nominate themselves.

The choice of candidate should be informed by their skills and experience required by the Board. The following skills and experience were identified:

  • Financial. Qualifications and/or experience in accounting and/or finance and the ability to analyse key financial statements, critically assess financial viability and performance, contribute to strategic financial planning, oversee budgets and efficient use of resources, oversee funding arrangements and accountability, and oversee reporting.
  • Information Technology. Knowledge and experience in the strategic use and governance of information management and information technology, knowledge of IT systems and business processes, understanding of the new digital world, and deployment. Artificial intelligence, the 4th industrial revolution, etc. with specific reference to its impact on compliance officers and education.
  • Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).
  • Motor Industry.
  • Real Estate Industry.

Nominations process:

  1. The proposer completes the nomination form.
  2. The nominee completes the nomination self-evaluation and acceptance form and submits their curriculum vitae.
  3. The Social Ethics Remuneration and Nominations Committee considers the nominations and shortlists nominations to the Board, considering the Board Competency model to ensure that the Board possesses the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience required to oversee the Institute.
  4. Board considers and approves the shortlisted nominations for recommendation to Members and election at the Annual General Meeting.

Click here to download the nomination rules.

The online forms (nomination form and the nomination self-evaluation and acceptance form) must be completed by both the Proposer and Nominee, and the nominee's curriculum vitae must be submitted by email to governance@compliancesa.com on or before 17:00 Friday, 21 April 2023.

No late nominations will be accepted.

Guest Speaker: TBC

Topic: TBC

CPD: 1 hour


2:00 PM - 2:10 PM
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  • Stephan Kemp

    Stephan Kemp

    Chairman of the Compliance Institute SA Board

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  • Rianne Potgieter (CEO of Compliance Institute Southern Africa)

    Rianne Potgieter

    CEO of Compliance Institute Southern Africa

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  • Valerie Pillay (Manager: Marketing, Sponsorships & Events at Compliance Institute Southern Africa)

    Valerie Pillay

    Manager: Marketing, Sponsorships & Events at Compliance Institute Southern Africa


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